Aiming to be a Truly Global Company MIMAKI ENGINEERING Co.,Ltd. President Kazuaki Ikeda Our management vision is to provide “something new, something different.” In line with that vision, we leverage our unique inkjet printing technology and cutting technology to develop innovative products. Thus far, together with our customers we have created and opened up the market for industrial inkjet printers. From here on we will endeavor to become a truly global company, with the goal of entering a new growth stage in line with further advances in digital printing, while carrying on our commitment to innovation as a customer-oriented, development-driven company. We classify the market for industrial inkjet printers into three distinct markets: the Sign Graphics (SG) market, which uses inkjet printers to produce products such as advertisements and signboards; the Industrial Products (IP) market, which uses inkjet printers to decorate products such as industrial products and parts; and the Textiles & Apparel (TA) market, which uses inkjet printers to print on fabrics and clothing. We aim to be at the top of each of these markets. Especially, we foresee the TA market will grow rapidly since the textile print industry has been shifting their production system from analogue to digital. We, which have already proposed the total solution (i.e. printers, ink and software) for digital textile printing and built worldwide sales network, will lead the TA market. Also, our most urgent task is to gain a large share of the market in North America, which has the world’s largest demand. In order to demonstrate values of Mimaki products and customer service, we need to establish appropriate sales channels that can provide faithful service quickly from one end of North America to the other.

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