Ricoh K-3

The Pentax name is now owned by Ricoh (not a company scared to try new ideas itself), which has continued the tradition of innovation, no better illustrated than with the concept of a digital SLR that has an anti-aliasing effect that can be turned on at the push of a button (Nikon recently patented a concept that accomplishes the same thing, but in a different manner). However, it hasn't accomplished this by having the filter just drop into place. No, Pentax is using its sens...view more

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Body type Mid-size SLR
Max resolution 6016 x 4000
Effective pixels 24 megapixels
Sensor size APS-C (23.5 x 15.6 mm)
Sensor type CMOS
ISO Auto, 100 - 51200
Lens mount Pentax KAF2
Focal length mult. 1.5×
Articulated LCD Fixed
Screen size 3.2
Screen dots 1,037,000
Max shutter speed 1/8000 sec
Format MPEG-4, H.264
Storage types Dual SD/SDHC/SDXC
USB USB 3.0 (5 GBit/sec)
Weight (inc. batteries) 800 g (1.76 lb / 28.22 oz)
Dimensions 131 x 100 x 77 mm (5.16 x 3.94 x 3.03)
GPS Optional
The PENTAX K-3 — a new breed of field camera

harmonizing quality and performance with innovation. In order to create a camera excelling in both image quality and operability, PENTAX has developed an unconventional but truly innovative AA (anti-aliasing) filter simulator. All other PENTAX-original technologies, including SAFOX, have been upgraded and fine-tuned to optimize their performance. PENTAX’s years of experience and expertise have been harmonized with reative, progressive ideas to deliver a camera that revolutionizes digital SLR photography.

AA-filter-free 24-megapixel CMOS image sensor

o deliver astonishingly-high-resolution images The K-3 comes equipped with a CMOS image sensor with approximately 24 effective megapixels. Based on the design scheme that puts priority on image resolution, it is designed without an optical AA (anti-aliasing) filter. The result is that the K-3 makes the best use of the total resolving power of the 24-megapixel CMOS sensor to produce sharp, fine-etailed images rich in gradation, while faithfully recreating the sense of depth, ambience and texture in aptured images. AA filters are designed to reduce false color and moiré by separating light by frequencies and obscuring outlines. Although the K-3 has no AA filter, it generates very little false color hanks to the large number of pixels present. Even when false color is generated, it is kept to an undetectable level.

In-body shake reduction mechanism compatible with all interchangeable lenses

The K-3 features the PENTAX-developed image-sensor-shift-type SR (Shake Reduction) mechanism, which is compatible not only with shake-prone telephoto lenses, but also with wide-angle, large-aperture and compact pancake lenses. This mechanism effectively compensates for even the slightest camera shake to deliver high-resolution, blur-free images. Note: This mechanism can be activated while the AA simulator is in operation.

The world’s first AA filter simulator to eliminate false color and moiré whenever required

Based on original ideas and innovative technology, PENTAX has developed the world’s first AA filter simulator, which reproduces the effects created by an optical AA filter. By applying microscopic vibrat ions to the CMOS sensor during exposure, the K-3 minimizes false color and moiré. You have a choice of three settings to obtain the desired effect: “TYPE 1” to attain the optimum balance between image resolution and moiré; “TYPE 2” to prioritize moiré compensation; and “OFF” to prioritize image resolution. Thanks to this innovative feature, the K-3 offers the benefits of two completely different cameras — the high-resolution images assured by an AA-filter-free model, and minimized false color and moiré assured by an AA-filter-equipped one. You can switch the AA filter effect** on and off as you wish. ** The AA-filter effect is more evident when a shutter speed of 1/1000 second or slower is used.

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Unsurpassed in visual expression and operability

Acclaimed for its exceptional imaging performance and compact, dependable body with weather-resistant, dustproof construction,the PENTAX K series takes another step in its evolution as a field camera.
The new PENTAX K-3 features a 24-megapixel CMOS image sensor without an AA (anti-aliasing) filter to deliver high-resolution images, a 27-point AF system with 25 cross sensors for pinpoint focusing, and an 86,000-pixel RGB light-metering sensor to assure accurate exposure on subjects of all kinds.
What’s more, it boasts the world’s first AA simulator to effectively minimize moiré.*
The PENTAX K-3 is a one-of-a-kind digital SLR camera — one exclusively designed for truly creative photographers.

* For lens-interchangeable digital SLR cameras, as of October 2013 (based on RICOH IMAGING research).

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