Lami Auto Atlas-26

Possible mass-productity by oner worker with Full auto Auto Atlas-26.

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Max. laminating width 640mm
Max. substrate thickness 1mm
Laminating speed 3 level speed *1
Processing temperature 100~150℃
Power requirements AC230V
Power consumption 4000Watt
Width (mm) 890mm
Depth (mm) 660mm*2
Height (mm) 396mm
Weight 150kg

*1 Low 2.0m/min. Middle. 3.5m/min. High. 4.5m/min.

*2 Including "feed table"

01. Superier productivity

Possible mass-productivity by owner worker with Full auto Auto Atlas-26.

02. Auto Paper Feeding system

Possible feeding papers equally with paper feeding sensors.

03. Improvement safety

Improvement safety be installing cutters inside the machine.

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